cri ceo michael casey on q2 2014 results

cri ceo michael casey on q2 2014 results

Even when there are female characters, annoyingly often they just tokens on the sideline while male characters get all the action and good lines. In fact, a disturbing number of kid films, both classic and new, don pass the Bechdel test. Heard of the Bechdel test? Formulated by cartoonist Alison Bechdel, the Bechdel test is notable for holding films to such cheap swimwear an incredibly lame feminist standard.

If this only happened once it be kinda funny. But no, it frequent. Happens to combos and supers too. Polka dots: I cannot get enough of polka dots. Just call me traditional; but whether you are hanging out at the pool or in Hawai’i this vibrant flower works. Ruching camouflages better than any pattern ever could and it is so feminine.

I did not have surgery and unless I tear a ligament, I have no plans to. I have weak ligaments and connective tissue issues, which is why mine go out but luckily nothing has torn yet. swimwear sale It started when I was a kid, when your joints are more mobile, so the thinking was that I would just grow out of it.

We stopped playing it when an off duty cop pulled his gun and badge on me because I thought my friend was hiding in his back yard. He also walked across a telephone wire about 8 feet to get to another tree as we were climbing the one he was in. That mofo was great at manhunt..

So we took the first two bags off, and the guy I was with decided to turn the extractor on to push it through. FUCKING IDIOT. Dry dust went fucking everywhere. Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not a patent lawyer, nor a scholar in polymorphs and formulations, and I also have no position in Celgene (NASDAQ:CELG). I am writing this article primarily to generate more discussion from a wider audience of experts on the likelihood of Celgene maintaining exclusivity for Revlimid beyond their compound expiry in Oct 2019. This article builds off of an excellent video article that appeared recently in Seeking Alpha on this topic and readers are referred to that article for additional background..

None of the above but as with anything you find that a fuckton of people have totally different ideas of how such a “unique” creature should be anthro some folks only bother with the upper body (I can say I seen many or even any of those around but I have no doubt they exist), while most completely reshape almost everything about the anatomy of the creature in question. Now I have a bit of an obsession with shark anthros so you pardon me if I have to gloss over the whales and dolphins as I don have an interest in studying all the different “anthro” variations of them out there, but with that established I get into the more common changes I see made to these creatures.The head is usually the most distinguishing feature of many different types of anthros anyways, and there are typically two ways people go about it with regards to sea critters, they leave it mostly as is (eyes might migrate forward a bit and the shape is certainly going to be altered to fit on a humanoid neck and shoulders), or they reshape the vast majority of it to more closely resemble a more familiar pattern we all familiar with, in my opinion the new features seem to take more hints from canines than anything (now this is the part where I start trudging through FA and past posts on reddit for visual examples, I deeply apologize to anyone whose art I am about to post, simply let me know if you wish me to find a different example) as seen here (submission), depending on the person who designed the character the head may have other more unique features, such as but not limited to a lack of hair or ears, or even a fin on the top or back of the head, as seen here(submission).The torso is standard fare humanoid, there is nothing terribly out of the ordinary here on average except for the fin (if it not on the head or something), and obviously females tend to have breasts in blatant defiance of biology (hurr bringing biology into a discussion about land sharks), smaller fins can also sometimes be found on the arms as seen here (submission), hand and feet are another one of those points of extreme variance, some have claws as seen here(submission) some do not as seen here (submission), though I do not believe you will find many if any with paw like hands or feet unless they are a the tail and legs get their own paragraph because we at, guess what, another one of those points of variance, there are two main ways to go about the lower body, the body can continue on into the tail in a serpentine fashion like an actual shark as seen here(submission) (this one also stands as a great example of something I totally forgot about in the last paragraph, that being webbed hands and feet) and also here(submission), or it can simply be shaped in the typical manner of an anthro creature with a standard pelvis and such.I hope that cleared some things up for you, have some shameless cheesecake by xaenyth of FA(backup link)also I swear it not intentional how many bikinis and swimsuits there are here, finding art of a fully clothed shark anthro is so hard it not even funnyedit: I told a bunch of the direct links aren working so I added links to the submissions on FA, I am not responsible for anything you find if you choose to explore the galleries of these artists thoughIt is fun so long as you have the passion. It not all about sharks and dolphins as there are other wonderful sea critters out there that are just begging to be researched (colorful sea slugs or nudibrancs as they known).It also depends on the specialization that you pursue in the field.

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